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Batman – The Animated Series

I have a copy of the bluray complete Batman – The Animated Series being shipped.
It pretty much makes all other renditions of the character redundant.
Screen Junkies explain why in the Honest Trailer for the series.

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Something I Never Noticed

The 1966 Batman movie is on TV tonight. (The one from the TV show).
One famous scene features Batman fighting off a shark on a rope ladder hanging from a helicopter (!!) using Shark Repellent Bat Spray conveniently stored on the Bat-copter.

What I didn’t remember was that Shark Repellent Bat Spray was only one of the available Marine Repellent Bat Sprays on board in case of emergency.
Barracuda, Whale, and Manta-Ray were the other Oceanic Repellent Bat Sprays.

You never know, that may help you out in a trivia contest some day.

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Black And White Photo Day 3

Third of seven days of black and white photos.

No explanations.

None needed.

No nominations.

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Batman Day 2016

Happy Batman Day 2016 from all the Batmen of Mount Gambier’s Batcave of Evangelicalism.
Photo staged by Rachel.

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Rap Recap Of Nolan’s Batman Movies

I liked this more than the three Dark Knight Batman movies.
A lot more.