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Mystery Men – A Victory For All The Other Guys

Mystery Men came out before the great super-hero movie glut of the last ten to fifteen years.
So it doesn’t send up the genre so much as anticipate it.
It was an odd choice to make side characters from an independent alternate comic book into a mainstream movie; we’re still waiting for Flaming Carrot the Movie.

Anyway, here’s how three of the characters characterise the outcome of their struggle with evil to the waiting press:

The Shoveller:
I think we would all like this victory to go out to all the other guys, and I’m talking about the people in this city who are super good at their jobs but never get any credit. Like the lady in the DMV – that’s a rough job.
Invisible Boy:
To the people that remember jingles from tons of old commercials.
The Bowler:
And uh, uh, people that support local music and seek out independent film.
The Shoveller:
And the guy that drives the snow-plow.

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How Avengers Endgame Should Have Ended

This epic instalment of How It Should Have Ended is a most enjoyable romp through the mind-boggling plot contrivances and inconsistencies of recent block-buster Avengers Endgame.
It’s one thing to adopt your own idiosyncratic version of time travel.
It’s another thing altogether not to particularly bother to apply that version with any pretence of internal consistency.

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Marvel Movie Recap To We Didn’t Start The Fire By The Avengers’ Cast

There have been a lot of recaps trying to bring people up to speed with all the Marvel movies leading up to Avengers Endgame.
This is easily the best.
By far.

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Research For Wednesday

Tickets are bought to see the Avengers movie Wednesday night.

In preparation we’ve been catching up on what went on previously.

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Marvel Remembers Stan Lee

This video is Marvel’s tribute to Stan Lee.
The take-away line is that Lee’s greatest creation was himself, the public persona of Marvel Comics.
That may detract a little from Lee’s contribution as co-creator, plotter, and scripter.
It also brings into focus how his public persona served to eclipse those whose creative contributions were at least as significant as Lee’s.
Look up Jack Kirby’s creation ‘Funky Flashman’ if you want an acerbic personal point of view about Lee’s public personality from the 1970s.
Anyway, this video highlights what Lee did contribute, which was himself.

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Galactus Sized Reprint

Amazon Australia had this over-sized reprint of Fantastic Four comics featuring the character Galactus (and the Silver Surfer, naturally) at a ridiculously cheap price. It was lower in OZ$ than the US store’s price in US$.

By Grabthar’s hammer, what a savings.

It arrived today in a massive box.