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My Next Pair Of Shoes

My exciting life includes buying another pair of my present runners during a 40% off online sale so I can put them in the wardrobe for six months or so until I need them.

Besides the (by Grabthar’s Hammer what a) savings I won’t be temped to keep wearing worn down shoes and damage myself.

The pair I’m currently using cost 40% more (obviously) and took two weeks to arrive at our local store. These arrived in 48 hours or so.

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Cinderblock – Spirit Animal Of The Exercising World

I’ll be back on the treadmill at the gym tomorrow morning.
Some friendly person cheerfully inquired as to whether I slept in today because it was 5.05 and not 4.55 when I arrived.
Anyway, at various points I’ll be thinking of Cinderblock, the latest internet celebrity cat who was surrendered to a vet by her infirm owner because she was too much to care for because of her weight.
Rather than putting her down, the vet decided to put the cat on a health kick.
The clips on YouTube may make you briefly wonder which option Cinderblock may prefer at different times.
But it’s a generally heart-warming story, and congrats to Purina for helping out.

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Back To Normal

I don’t like being out of routine.

It’s one of the reasons I find holidays discomforting.

I mean they’re enjoyable and a bit restful and I do love seeing people, but I do like being home and being in my comfortable pattern.

It’s some sort of control thing, so I do try to break it.

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Jetts Gym Milton

I’ve wanted to visit the Jetts Gym at Milton for years.

It’s on the ground floor of the building where the PCQ church offices are located.

A stormy forecast was a good reason to give it a try between meetings this afternoon.

Satisfied customer, but I do like walking on the riverside pathway.

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One For The Insomniacs

Woke up last night, couldn’t get back to sleep, at the gym at 4.00am.

I’m normally there by 5.00, but I can’t stand just lying awake waiting for it to be time to get up.

And you can’t let the day get away from you.

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New Shoes

I bought my old pair of exercise shoes on August 3 last year.

They’ve probably done over 3000kms of mostly walking. Mount Gambier, various gyms, Adelaide, Sydney, Maryborough/Hervey Bay, Gold Coast, Melbourne.

They’re wearing and my feet are feeling it. I’ve probably let these go a little too long.

Time for a new pair. And I was even able to get my preferred colour this time.

Off to the gym again tomorrow.

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Change In The Weather

This morning’s exercise around Mount Gambier was a bit cooler.

It wasn’t breezy, so not too bad.

A sign of things to come.