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Tram Ride

Took the new Sydney trams for a roll today. All the way out to Randwick, then along to Circular Quay, and back to our accommodation.

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Basecamp Established

The committees of the national Presbyterian Church meet over the coming week in Sydney. It’s sort of a week later, but five full weekdays are needed to fit everything as comfortably as possible.

Courtesy of bad weather (and who can complain?) and a medical emergency at Melbourne airport (and who can complain?) it means a door to door trip of ten hours.

Thanks to Rex, Qantas and the Church’s travel agent for helping me arrive and have some where to stay.

Church and then meeting one tomorrow.

(And it’s 8.56 and 32 degrees outside, thanks for air conditioning)

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Urban Art

I walked past this piece of contemporary art in Sydney this morning.

Amusingly, it seems someone is concerned that passers (or maybe drivers) may be at risk of not realizing what they’re seeing, so it comes complete with advisory signs.

The signs also help by letting you know that the art is over, presumably so that if you see any other cars crushed by a giant rock you’ll try to help the passengers in the vehicle.

‘End Artwork’ is a sign that could be a stand alone social commentary.

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Obligatory Location Photo

When one photo lets everyone know where you are.

And for those of you despairing that I have no appreciation for nature.

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Camping View

I’ve been staying in Sydney attending a number of meetings of the committees of the Presbyterian Church of Australia this week.

This is as close to camping out as I get.

Here’s the view on a showery Friday evening in Haymarket/Ultimo looking toward Glebe.

The building directly opposite is covered in plants, which seem to be flourishing.

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Early Morning Sydney

Every morning on my walk around Sydney this week the same sights keep catching my eyes. It’s not all bin chickens and free-range bikes.

I can’t imagine I’d ever find it boring.

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Yes They Have A Shrubbery

A whimsical addition just outside the entrance to the building where our meetings are taking place this week is this shrubbery.
The only thing that it might need would be a second shrubbery, placed beside the first shrubbery, only slightly higher so you get the two-level effect with a little path running down the middle.