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Footpaths Of Brisbane

The footpaths of Brisbane are pretty lush. This one was probably mowed the day before yesterday.

And while there’s not much to be said for city living they do have hard rubbish pickup.

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The Pulsing Heart Of Adelaide

Rundle Mall displaying all the metropolitan hustle and bustle of Adelaide.

(In fairness, further along, in Hindley Street, there was a bit more going on)

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Tram Ride

Took the new Sydney trams for a roll today. All the way out to Randwick, then along to Circular Quay, and back to our accommodation.

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Basecamp Established

The committees of the national Presbyterian Church meet over the coming week in Sydney. It’s sort of a week later, but five full weekdays are needed to fit everything as comfortably as possible.

Courtesy of bad weather (and who can complain?) and a medical emergency at Melbourne airport (and who can complain?) it means a door to door trip of ten hours.

Thanks to Rex, Qantas and the Church’s travel agent for helping me arrive and have some where to stay.

Church and then meeting one tomorrow.

(And it’s 8.56 and 32 degrees outside, thanks for air conditioning)

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Brownness Of River Yarra Makes News

Apparently the fact that the river Yarra has a colour like it runs upside down makes the news today.

In other stories Pope discovered to be Catholic and a bear was found using the forest as a toilet.

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Intersection Of Burke And Swanston Streets, 5.30am October 18 2019

This is what the middle of Melbourne looks like at 5.30am, early on a mid-spring Friday morning.

This week I’ve walked the length of most of the major and ‘little’ streets.

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Chapel Street

Rachel and I walked from South Yarra Station to Windsor Station down Chapel Street this afternoon.

She was somewhat overwhelmed by the number of quality op shops. And, of course the Chapel Street Bazaar.