The movie Sneakers turned up on streaming service Binge today.
It has an all star cast, along with faces who were not stars at the time but have become more well-known since, and a very famous face making a cameo toward the end.
It’s an enjoyable romp, and everyone works their craft with skill, though not really straying too much from their archetypical characters.
I’m pretty sure Dan Aykroyd provided his own conspiracy theories.

Another notable part is the late James Horner’s soundtrack which featured Branford Marsalis bringing a distinctive expression with his soprano saxophone.
During an eleven minute part of the movie featuring a break-in there are crashing piano chords which I’m sure I’ve heard in lots of other movies as well.
I can’t quite clear up whether they’re the same chords, but they certainly are memorable, as is the movie.

No more secrets.

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