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Can You Worship When You Don’t Like The Music?

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Aaron Armstrong gets the production standards and musical skill needed to play contemporary music, but asks if those who most appreciate it could worship just as well without it, even if on rare occasions.
It was something that came to mind during the services I attended last weekend.
It is the object of worship that inspires our passion, not the musical means by which we express our worship.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t all be pursuing excellence to the degree of ability God has given us, but have we lost the ability to be engaged in worship even when we aren’t particularly into the style, when there’s only a piano and a couple of singers, or when the special is a bit off-key?
I know a lot of folks who, if you put them into that kind of setting, would be so distracted they won’t know what to do. I know others who it wouldn’t be phased at all. And I’ve gotta say, the ones who wouldn’t be phased tend to be the more spiritually mature people I know.
They get that worship through song isn’t about what we like necessarily, but about the object of the people’s affection.

Read the whole post at Blogging Theologically.

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