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Tumbling Sky – Matt Searles’ Album Of Psalms For Weary Souls Free For A Limited Time

To mark the release of his book Tumbling Sky: Psalm Devotions for Weary Souls Matt Searles is making the album which inspired the book available for free download.
The album is a wonderful addition to Searles’ two earlier productions.
The Psalms are chosen this time to reflect the ministry that they offer to those in times of lament or suffering.
I don’t know how long the offer will last.

Go here for information about the devotional book.

Go here for the free music.

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Saviour, Shepherd Me – Sunday Songs

Saviour, Shepherd Me.
A setting of Psalm 23 by Matt Searles, vocals by Liv Chapman.
Released on Searle’s 2016 album Tumbling Sky.

The lyrics:
The Lord’s my shepherd
Nothing shall I lack, or need
He bids my soul rest
In the pastures wide and green
Saviour shepherd me
Saviour shepherd me
His grace restores me
I walk in paths of righteousness
And for His glory
My king will keep me till the end
You are all I need
Jesus all I need
Your love and mercy follow me
Til I feast at the table of the King
And in the shadow
When all my path’s too dark to see
My Lord is with me
His rod and staff will comfort me
Saviour shepherd me
Saviour shepherd me
You are all I need
Jesus all I need
Your love and mercy follow me
Til I feast at the table of the King
Saviour shepherd me
Saviour shepherd me

© Matt Searles 2016

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Lord Hear My Prayer – From Matt Searles’ Tumbling Sky

Matt Searles’ third album of Psalms set with new tunes, Tumbling Sky, is due for release over the coming weeks.
I’ve featured his previous albums here, and this release seeks to answer the question ‘What can miserable Christians sing?’
I’ve been listening to the album early, as a kickstarter backer.
Here’s the first, prerelease track, Lord Hear My Prayer which is based on Psalm 143.

The lyrics:
Lord hear my prayer
In your righteousness
Listen to my cry for mercy
Bring me relief
And end to my grief
Saviour come quickly to me
Do not bring me
To your judgment seat
For no-one is righteous before you
All my hope is in you

The enemy comes
I’m crushed to the ground
And I’m forced to dwell in the darkness
My spirit grows faint
My heart is dismayed
Do not hide your face from me Lord
Yet this I recall
Your deeds from of old
The works of salvation you’ve done
How I thirst for you, Lord

Now teach me to walk
Before you my God
Send forth your Spirit to lead me
Give life to my soul
For your great name’s sake
Do not let evil hold sway
In your steadfast love
Destroy all my foes
Deliver me Lord in your righteousness
I will live for you Lord

© Matt Searles 2016