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Cleveland Train

Night-time train platform waiting for the 8.50 to Cleveland. Only going as far as Wynnum on the train, then the remainder by car.

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When Sermon Illustrations Come To Life…

So, I mentioned yesterday that God’s will is known to be certain only in hindsight and volunteered that I was traveling to Brisbane and I’d know it was God’s will that I go there when I arrived.

I took this photo of Rundle Mall on my morning walk today intending to contrast it with, perhaps, the Queen St Mall in Brisbane.

Instead, I’ll include this photo of Melbourne.

Our direct flight was cancelled and we’ve been transferred on a two-step flight with an arrival time five hours or so later than intended. We’ll go (hopefully, if it’s God’s will) directly from the airport to the opening service of assembly.

Such is the stuff sermon illustrations are made of.

By the way, this is why I travel qantas when I get the choice, replacement booking, food voucher, help in other ways. Their customer service is outstanding.

Anyway, later there’ll be photos from Brisbane.

I hope.

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Another Trip Home

My friend seemed slightly confused that I was happy to be dropped at the airport early and wait. It just seems closer to home.

I enjoy the moment of anxiety reduction that occurs when the buckle clicks and I know there’s only a two hour flight and a five hour drive and then I’ll be home.

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Today’s Loan Car

Driving to church in the land of beautiful one day and perfect the next.

I am so well looked after when I travel.


Scooters Of Adelaide

In contrast to the bicycles of Sydney, my morning walk around Adelaide has revealed scooters.

The internet has not settled on a collective noun for scooters. Some suggestions are exceedingly unkind.