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Camping View

I’ve been staying in Sydney attending a number of meetings of the committees of the Presbyterian Church of Australia this week.

This is as close to camping out as I get.

Here’s the view on a showery Friday evening in Haymarket/Ultimo looking toward Glebe.

The building directly opposite is covered in plants, which seem to be flourishing.

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Yes They Have A Shrubbery

A whimsical addition just outside the entrance to the building where our meetings are taking place this week is this shrubbery.
The only thing that it might need would be a second shrubbery, placed beside the first shrubbery, only slightly higher so you get the two-level effect with a little path running down the middle.

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Two Destinations

I’m traveling to Sydney for committee meetings of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and am due back Saturday.

Next month I’ll be attending standing committee meetings in Brisbane.

Margaret would have travelled to Brisbane with me and seen her parents for a couple of days.

At fairly late notice we decided she should go to Brisbane today instead so she can spend a longer time with them and them come home with me mid-February.

So, we spent a very early morning drive together to get to Adelaide airport, and now we go our separate ways for a while.

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Home Again

Mission accomplished.

Spirits were high on the return trip.

Home safe.

Very long day.

Still warm, though late.

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Annual Tradition

January day trip to Rundle Mall, IKEA, Costco, Harbour Town DFO, (2) Officeworks, Koorong, and anywhere else that fits. What we lack in numbers is made up with enthusiasm.

You can’t let the day get away from you.

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Letting Someone Else Drive

Having been driven to BNE airport by our niece at an unbelievably early hour, the next section of our trip home also involves having someone else drive.

In three hours or so I’ll be back behind the wheel in Adelaide.

God willing, I won’t be back until February.

(I wonder if the person I saw buying a glass of red wine in the food court thought it was 5.30pm and not 5.30am. Queensland – where it’s ALWAYS beer o’clock.)

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End Of The Playlist

Thanks to my wife’s brother for the loan of his car this past week. It helps that he’s away working at the moment, but one achievement is that we made it to the end of his not-quite-infinite playlist.