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Japanese Capsule Motel

I’ve travelled for twelve hours today to be at a meeting tomorrow.
My hotel room is larger than this.

Wonder if they’ll catch on in Sydney?

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An Everyday Wonder Of The World 

How many times do you go past a wonder of the world on your every day commute before you no longer take the time to look at it each time?

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Only If It Has WiFi

This looks like a tempting part of my ‘run away’ plan.
It’s called ‘Just Room Enough Island’, for reasons that are pretty obvious.
Find out more at Atlas Obsura.

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The Growth Of The American Home

This post tracks the growth in size of homes in the USA over the last forty years, identifying that homes are now 56% larger than those of four decades ago. It uses a cute video to do so.
It’s probably the same here in Australia, or even more so.
All new homes here seem to have ensuite master bedrooms and most would have either a fourth bedroom or another living space. The forty-year mark was about when open plan design came to popularity as well, making for larger open spaces.
Of contrasting interest would be a study of how much time people spend in these larger homes.
My guess is probably less.
Go here and check it out.
This copy of the video may not last long, but if it does you can watch it here.

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Elevator Timelapse Of New York Skyline

Specially fitted out elevators in New York’s One World Trade Centre feature an all-encompassing time-lapse video of the city’s skyline over about 500 years or so.
At $32 a person for the one minute or so ride in the elevator up to the viewing platform maybe you’d only probably be hoping to catch it all in one viewing.
The detail seems extraordinary.