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Hail To The Lord’s Anointed by The Welcome Wagon – Christmas Songs 2019 Day 13

Here’s Hail To The Lord’s Anointed by wife and husband duo The Welcome Wagon.

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Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 1

The first Sunday of another new year.
In 2018 we return to the Heidelberg Catechism, last posted here back in 2014.

Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 1

Q. What is your only comfort, in life and in death?
A. That I belong – body and soul, in life and in death – not to myself but to my faithful Savior, Jesus Christ, who at the cost of his own blood has fully paid for all my sins and has completely freed me from the dominion of the devil; that he protects me so well that without the will of my Father in heaven not a hair can fall from my head; indeed, that everything must fit his purpose for my salvation. Therefore, by his Holy Spirit, he also assures me of eternal life, and makes me wholeheartedly willing and ready from now on to live for him.

Q. How many things must you know that you may live and die in the blessedness of this comfort?
A. Three. First, the greatness of my sin and wretchedness. Second, how I am freed from all my sins and their wretched consequences. Third, what gratitude I owe to God for such redemption.

Bonus song.

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Galatians 2:20 by The Welcome Wagon

Another song from The Welcome Wagon’s album Light Up The Stairs.
Another song with familiar lyrics.

Galatians 2:20

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Heidelberg Catechism QandA 1 by The Welcome Wagon

Some of you will know the words to the Welcome Wagon’s HC01.
It’s a track on their album Light Up The Stairs.