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Is Not A Rat, Is An Escapee Quokka

There’s so much to love about this story at The Guardian about a Quokka, a relatively endangered animal from an island of the coast of West Australia.
The little guy stowed away on a garbage scow and was spotted at a refuse station on the mainland.
Poignantly, even if found, it won’t be going home.
The article walks a fine line, allowing the more whimsical aspects of the narrative to speak for themselves.

Here’s an excerpt.

Penni Fletcher-Hughes, from Rottnest Island Authority, said it appeared the quokka had climbed into a garbage bin in search of food and was accidentally transferred on to the garbage barge, which took it to Cannington.
“Being as it has got itself in a very good place for food, the chances are it will be fine,” Fletcher-Hughes said. “It just depends where it goes from there.”
Quokka escape was “very unusual,” Fletcher-Hughes said, but finding quokkas in bins is not.
“I have seen them climb the walls; they are quite resourceful when it comes to searching for food,” she said. “We are not concerned in terms of him finding food … it’s other threats and just general stress. It’s a bit stressful to suddenly wake up in a recycling centre.”
The Department of Parks and Wildlife, which is leading efforts to find the rogue marsupial, set up a public hotline to report sightings. “Basically, this quokka is now at large,” wildlife officer Matt Swan said.

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