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Probably Not If You Paid Me $6.99 To Take Them

Saw these chokoes in a fruit and vege shop while I was away. Not tempted. At all.

When I was a kid they grew on backyard vines, were pealed, seeded, steamed/boiled and best eaten smothered with melted butter and pepper.

There was a time overseas when I had them shredded and stir fried in a garlic oil type dish. That was okay. But generally they are a very ordinary vegetable.

Better for backyard games of cricket.

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Watching The World Burn On The Gold Coast

I recently enjoyed two weeks on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The only aggravating thing was seeing these when I was out in the mornings.

C’mon Gold Coast. Really.

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A Day’s Driving

We made it from Brisbane to Forbes today.

That’s the longest days driving I’ve done for a while.

Now to sleep, and then drive again tomorrow.

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Wynnum Creek, Low Tide

It was low tide this morning along the foreshore at Wynnum.
While there are various signs of development everywhere, the creek itself remains much as it ever was, at least to my memory.

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Another Day, Another Bridge

Today’s Ferry trip is the CityCat ’round trip’ up and down the Brisbane River.

The Story Bridge is not as well known as its counterpart on Sydney Harbour, it’s world famous in Brisbane. It was also part of daily life for many years.