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APWM Timor-Leste Subcommittee Meeting

The little committee that could keeps working.

We’ve been helping the Australian Presbyterian Church relate constructively and formatively with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Timor Leste for over ten years. A Victorian ( transplanted from Darwin), some NSW folk and me. Our fellow committee member Brian phoned in from Western Australia because he couldn’t make the scheduling work.

No posing in the photo. It’s a working committee. (Robert Benn approved this photo for public release)

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Evangelical Reformed Church Myanmar Update October 2017

In this video Thang Bwee of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Myanmar speaks about heart surgery he underwent (sponsored by Presbyterians in Australia), the 25th anniversary of the denomination, and the general situation of his work and ministry.
Originally posted by the Australian Presbyterian World Mission.

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World Mission – Presbyterian Church of Queensland Assembly 2017 #GAQLD17

Kevin Murray speaking about the past 40 years of world mission. In 1977 those serving in mission went from over 100 to 4. The Presbyterian church responded by recognizing Presbyterians who had been serving with evangelical bodies because the denomination had no interest in them. Now close to 200 are recognized, along with partnerships with a number of denominations.

A number of presentations were also heard at a dinner tonight about work in Timor Leste, Japan, China and more.

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The Reward Of His Suffering – Matt Papa

So let our ambitions die
As we lift our savior High
As we carry the cross and the
Gospel to the world

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Evangelism In Honour/Shame Cultures

This article by Jackson Wu provides four keys to communicating the Gospel to people from honour/shame cultures.

Traditional presentations mainly use legal language, focus on individuals, stress the futility of works, and appeal to people’s fear of pain, whether physical or psychological. I didn’t do that.
Instead, I highlighted a basic but often overlooked fact: honor and shame are inherent to the gospel.
What’s more, humans have a basic desire for honor. Everyone wants to be accepted and even praised by others. So-called “honor-shame” cultures exist in the East and the West.
With this mind, we should rethink how we do evangelism. If honor-shame remains a blind spot, we won’t see fully how the gospel addresses the needs of all people. Therefore, I will mention four key ideas for sharing the gospel in honor-shame cultures.

Wu expands on these four headings in the article:
1. People
Focus more on who people are, not simply what they do.
2. Praise
Find out whom it is that people most want to please. Whose praise (or criticism) do they care about?
3. Power
To whom do people give their allegiance? Whom do they follow? For whom do they generally conform?
4. Practical
Show people the gospel makes a practical difference.

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Annual Meeting Of Australian Presbyterian World Mission

Today Australian Presbyterian World Mission National Committee conducted its annual meeting.
A lot of our time is spent in administrative process and policy decisions so that those who are working in cross cultural ministry can be focussed on their work.
Along the way we got to hear from folk preparing to work in South-East Asia, outback Western Australia, and also in administrative support.
Kevin Murray, Director of APWM is also the incoming Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales for 2015-16, a wonderful recognition of his work and a further opportunity for him to promote World Mission among the congregations of the Church.
If you’re concerned about the preponderance of male heads in the photo below, please remember that in the great home of mission and ministry this committee’s service takes place in its metaphorical kitchen and laundry.


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Timor Leste Teaching Week 2014 (via Bondia Timor Leste)

Rob Duncanson has posted some information about a teaching week that will be taking place in East Timor in early June.
David Burke returns and is joined by: Peter Burke – missionary in Nigeria and financial organiser; Alex Ralston – APWM treasurer and economist; and David Bell – observer.
Themes will be Mark’s Gospel and money management.
Rob also includes plenty of prayer points.

Read more at Bondia Timor Leste.