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Designated Car Park

The Presbyterian Church office (Michelle) go above and beyond looking after us when we have committee meetings.

This is the most personally designated car park I’ve ever had.

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A Wonderfully Encouraging Experience

The attendees of a training week for gospel workers at Queensland Theological College joined the students for their chapel service today.

When I attended the precursor to QTC over twenty years ago it was located in other premises and the peak number of students at chapel would have been under twenty. Even in my early 30s, I was among the youngest attending.

What an encouragement to see over 100 people of a wide range of ages meet in the QTC building to worship God.

The action of worship with God’s people is a blessing, and this experience added to and deepened my thankfulness to God.

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Presbyterian Church of Queensland General Assembly 2019

The opening session of the 2019 Presbyterian Church of Queensland General Assembly was conducted tonight.
Rev Phil Strong was recognised as the moderator of this year’s assembly, and it was a privilege for Rev Davo Gunning and myself to be introduced as Phil’s chaplains for this year.
I’ll a few updates, starting tomorrow.

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Phil Strong – Moderator Elect Of The Presbyterian Church Of Queensland

The General Assembly have unanimously elected the Reverend Phil Strong as Moderator-Elect (moderator of the 2019 General Assembly).

Phil is on staff at Creek Road Presbyterian and is Moderator of the South Australian Assembly and Presbytery, being an Assessor (appointed member) of those bodies. He is functioning as project manager of the Adelaide Churches revitalization work. He has previously served as convener of the Qld Ministry Training Committee.

(an earlier version of this post mentioned Phil’s involvement in the acquisition of the new premises of the Queensland Theological College. Phil has informed me that his departure from the Ministry Training Committee predated those plans, and he had no personal involvement that project. So I’ve updated this post. He’s a details guy.)

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Revitalising The Adelaide Presbyterian Churches Promotional Video

This promotional video sums up a whole lot of steps that have taken place over the last seven years (or longer) to arrive a point where a new season of hope begins.
The Adelaide Churches Restoration Project.

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Onward For Another Year, And Beyond – Presbyterian Church of Queensland Assembly 2017 #GAQLD17

Moderator Greg Watt (l) moves into a different phase of service after chairing our meeting.
Mike O’Connor spends this year preparing to serve as moderator-elect of the 2018 Assembly.
Pray for them both.

(I used the photo setting above because my original was a bit glary, and I’m not very good at fixing them.)

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And That’s A Wrap – Presbyterian Church of Queensland Assembly 2017 #GAQLD17

All done. It was all the people who took the night off to watch the State of Origin who made the early finish possible.