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Australian Presbyterian World Mission Annual Meeting

A great privilege to attend the annual meeting of the Australian Presbyterian World Mission today.

From around the nation, many of those present have personally engaged in cross cultural work, representing decades of wisdom gained from practical experience.

This is required, for while technology and living standards have made the world a seemingly much more accessible place, the action of going to other nations in a responsible and accountable fashion is increasingly complex.

The APWM seeks to support both those who are called to serve and those who seek to support the work by providing an administrative and pastoral framework that frees them to do what they want to do, while we provide what they need in order for it to happen well.

Legal requirements in Australia, along with seemingly myriad and changing legal requirements and cultural considerations in so many different countries and regions call for a depth of insight and an agility of thinking and problem solving.

Our national church is well served by this body, and particularly by our National Director Kevin, his assistant Sheryl, our treasurer Peter, and the committee chair Alex.

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Evangelical Reformed Church Myanmar Update October 2017

In this video Thang Bwee of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Myanmar speaks about heart surgery he underwent (sponsored by Presbyterians in Australia), the 25th anniversary of the denomination, and the general situation of his work and ministry.
Originally posted by the Australian Presbyterian World Mission.

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Helping The Presbyterian Church Of Vanuatu (reblogged from APWM)

A release from the Australian Presbyterian World Mission about relief aid for Vanuatu.

In response to Cyclone Pam, Australian Presbyterian World Mission sent Glen Connor to Vanuatu to make an assessment of the situation and hold talks with the leadership of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu. Glen, who has recently returned from serving at that Talua Ministry Training Centre, knows the language, the people and the cultural context. He was an ideal person for such a task and we thank he and his wife Rachael for his willingness to serve in this way.
At the time of writing the Moderator General’s Appeal for Vanuatu has raised in excess of $163,000 updated – now $210,000. Based on discussions with the leadership of the Church in Vanuatu we will be sending this money to assist with some immediate needs and also in areas such as the repair or rebuilding of Church property throughout Vanuatu, the repair of Church schools, the reprinting of over 20,000 New Testaments and 6,600 whole Bibles in Bislama (the national language of Vanuatu) and the restocking of Pastor’s libraries. Any further donations will be used to assist with the rebuilding of Church property.
Thank you to those who have given to assist our brothers and sisters in Vanuatu!

(Photo: a Pastor’s library drying out).

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Annual Meeting Of Australian Presbyterian World Mission

Today Australian Presbyterian World Mission National Committee conducted its annual meeting.
A lot of our time is spent in administrative process and policy decisions so that those who are working in cross cultural ministry can be focussed on their work.
Along the way we got to hear from folk preparing to work in South-East Asia, outback Western Australia, and also in administrative support.
Kevin Murray, Director of APWM is also the incoming Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales for 2015-16, a wonderful recognition of his work and a further opportunity for him to promote World Mission among the congregations of the Church.
If you’re concerned about the preponderance of male heads in the photo below, please remember that in the great home of mission and ministry this committee’s service takes place in its metaphorical kitchen and laundry.