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iPhone Cursor Motion

This piece of information about how to move the cursor on iPhones when composing messages and the like has been doing the rounds.

I didn’t know. I was using my finger directly on the cursor.

My mind was a little bit blown, so for those who also don’t know, here you go.

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Trolled By Siri

This happened to me the other day.
I asked Siri to play ‘Home’ (my recently acquired album by Josh Garrels).
Asked again.
The selected song that played was ‘You Can’t Get What You Want’ by Joe Jackson.
I promise this is true.

For those who don’t know ‘Siri’ is the voice activated command function on iPhone and ‘trolling’ is modern slang for intentionally upsetting people (to put it mildly).

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Once Nobody Asked If Your Phone Has Bent Yet

One of the first questions I get asked about my new phone is whether it has bent yet.
I don’t put my phone in my back pocket and I don’t sit on it.
Nor do I hold it in two hands and push upward with my thumbs as hard as I can.
Anyway as this graphic illustrates, this wasn’t an issue not so long ago.

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Empty Box

Got a new phone yesterday.
Wasn’t expecting to find one, but there it was.
It’s not too bad at all.
It is big, though.

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Two Ways To Live iPhone App

The release of the Two Ways To Live iPhone app was announced today by Matthias Media.
From the post:

So we’ve made Two Ways to Live into an app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. It’s the same clear, challenging outline of the Christian gospel that we’ve been producing for years, but in this case you can whip your phone out and step through the presentation with a friend, filling in the explanation yourself, or you can give it to someone else for them to explore. There’s extra text that explains each of the points in more detail, and an audio version voiced by Kel Richards. It’s even available in a few different languages, selectable from within the app itself (currently English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and (simplified) Chinese; we’ll add more as we’re able).
Like any other iOS app, you can ‘gift’ it—that is, you can give it away as an electronic evangelistic tract to someone else (either via email or by printing out a gift card). We’ve made it especially easy to do this by including a link within the app itself (or click here to give it away right now). And at the point of working out the consequences of the choice at the end of the presentation, there’s also a link to a free download of The Essential Jesus from within the app to iBooks or another e-reader.

An Android release is possible, but not yet happening.

Upon launch (on iPhone) the app opens in landscape mode.
You can swipe your way through the various pictures or press play and hear the mellifluous tones of Kel Richards step you through the presentation. Drop menus provide the outline text as well.
You better get it before Apple bans evangelistic Christian material from the app store.

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Custom Typing Shortcuts For iPhone

Thanks to Nathan Bingham for the link to this article at Lifehacker.
From the helpful post:

“It seems Apple added text expansion to iOS 5 and decided not to mention it. This is a great, highly-desired feature that can save you tons of time typing frequent phrases and long words. Here’s how to set it up and the phrases you’ll want to add right away.”

I think they’re right.