I don’t feature a lot of new music during the Christmas season.
That written, here’s O Christ Draw Near by Paul Zach featuring Taylor Leonhardt and Lauren Plank Goans.

O Christ, who waited for the chosen time
to join yourself with fragile humankind,
draw near enough to catch our falling tears
and weep your own with us — O Christ, draw near!
O Christ, draw near!
Near! O Christ, draw near!
O Christ, who hid within your mother’s womb,
you know the seeds we hide that wait to bloom
draw near enough to reach us through these fears
and breathe your peace on us—O Christ, draw near!
O Christ, who knows the tenderness of flesh,
the sting of longing and the rush of breath,
draw near enough our whispered pleas to hear
and answer all our cries — O Christ, draw near!
O Christ, who came to draw us to himself,
to open doors and tear the veil of death,
draw near enough to walk beside us here
and lead us all back home — O Christ, draw near

Words and Music (c) 2022: Paul Zach, Kate Bluett

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