Westminster Larger Catechism – Lord’s Day 24

Q & A 91
Q What is the duty which God requires of man?
A The duty which God requires of man, is obedience to his revealed will *1.

Q & A 92
Q What did God at first reveal unto man as the rule of his obedience?
A The rule of obedience revealed to Adam in the estate of innocence, and to all mankind in him, besides a special command not to eat of the fruit of the tree knowledge of good and evil, was the moral law *2.

Q & A 93
Q What is the moral law?
A The moral law is the declaration of the will of God to mankind, directing and binding every one to personal, perfect, and perpetual conformity and obedience thereunto, in the frame and disposition of the whole man, soul and body *3, and in performance of all those duties of holiness and righteousness which he owes to God and man *4: promising life upon the fulfilling, and threatening death upon the breach of it *5.

Q & A 94
Q Is there any use of the moral law to man since the fall?
A Although no man, since the fall, can attain to righteousness and life by the moral law *6: yet there is great use thereof, as well common to all men, as peculiar either to the unregenerate, or the regenerate *7.

Q & A 95
Q Of what use is the moral law to all men?
A The moral law is of use to all men, to inform them of the holy nature and the will of God *8, and of their duty, binding them to walk accordingly *9; to convince them of their disability to keep it, and of the sinful pollution of their nature, hearts, and lives *10: to humble them in the sense of their sin and misery *11, and thereby help them to a clearer sight of the need they have of Christ *12, and of the perfection of his obedience *13.

Q & A 96
Q What particular use is there of the moral law to unregenerate men?
A The moral law is of use to unregenerate men, to awaken their consciences to flee from wrath to come *14, and to drive them to Christ *15; or, upon their continuance in the estate and way of sin, to leave them inexcusable *16, and under the curse thereof *17.

Q & A 97
Q What special use is there of the moral law to the regenerate?
A Although they that are regenerate, and believe in Christ, be delivered from the moral law as a covenant of works *18, so as thereby they are neither justified *19 nor condemned *20; yet, besides the general uses thereof common to them with all men, it is of special use, to show them how much they are bound to Christ for his fulfilling it, and enduring the curse thereof in their stead, and for their good *21; and thereby to provoke them to more thankfulness *22, and to express the same in their greater care to conform themselves thereunto as the rule of their obedience *23.

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