Here’s an excerpt of some facts about people born on June 4, 1963 that I found online.
I have no intention of trying to work out if they’re true.
The make me feel older.
Especially the dog years one.
There was a theory that this applied to people who were Presbyterian ministers in South Australia…

Anyway, here’s some of the facts.

Days since birth: 20,454 days
Days spent sleeping: 6,818 days
Years spent sleeping: 18.67 years
Part of life spent sleeping: 33%
Full moons since birth: 693
Next full moon: June 17 at 08:32:00 GMT – Monday
First one billion seconds: Sometime on February 10, 1995
Age in dog years: 267 dog years old using a Chinese Shar-Pei breed

One thought on “Some Facts About June 4, 1963 That Make Me Feel Even Older

  1. And here’s a June4 martyrdom that evokes my admiration every year. “Martureô” “I bear witness”. Fighting for human rights long denied to women, Emily Wilding Davison had suffered 10 arrests, conducted 7 hunger strikes – often near to death – and been brutally force-fed 49 times. She’d appealed to King EdwardVII. Paul, on appeal, won Nero’s support, but Emily had failed to stir her Caesar. The 4th of June 1913 was Derby Day.
    The field thundered down the straight, passing the Royal Enclosure. Emily ran onto the track, stood in the path of the King’s galloping horse, and was struck down, fatally injured.
    In hospital, she gave up the ghost on the 8th of June.
    Universal Adult Suffrage, here since Federation, was still denied, for over 15 years in Britain, 20 in the U.S.A., 50 in Switzerland. A moment of meditation, perhaps a prayer, for Emily, who hungered and thirsted for justice, but was not fulfilled.

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