Week by week worship is informed by a long-term desire to grow the theological health of the congregation by a balanced and comprehensive use of sources.

There is a temptation in our jobs to operate solely within the week-to-week grind. Many pressures (some of them beyond us) make it hard for us to step out of this tyranny of the urgent. For the sake of pastoring people well, we must lift our heads above the weekly fray to develop habits of long-range planning and mapping our congregation’s theological diet in worship, especially with songs. Just as no one meal can contain the full gamut of nutrition, so it is impossible for every week’s service to incorporate the entire theological spectrum mentioned above. Long-range planning allows a pastor to see how a congregation is being broadly theologised over the course of weeks and months.

The Worship Pastor, Zac Hicks, Zondervan, 2016, pp 75.

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