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Worship That Reminds The Church She Is A Community (via Zac Hicks)

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Corporate worship not as individual experience in the gathered body, or as common experience among the many, but as a shared experience that reveals the relationships and community that exist in Christ.
From Zac Hicks’ The Worship Pastor:

Part of loving the church well is reminding her that she is a community. in our day and age, when worship has become such a subjective experience, the church is ever prone to hyperindividualising our faith and practice. We see this very tangible in worship services in which we’re all explicitly or implicitly encouraged to have our own private encounters with God. Sometimes we can get the impression that the most meaningful worship service looks like one in which each worshiper is having their own private devotional experience with God … and they just all happen to be in the same room! But as a pastor I once knew liked to say, “In worship, it’s not ‘Jesus and me’ but ‘Jesus and we.'”

The Worship Pastor, Zac Hicks, Zondervan, 2016, pg 26.

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