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How To Stop Defending What Isn’t Working (via Leadership Freak)

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New people bring all sorts of observations and questions about things that don’t work and we’ve gotten used to.
Dan Rockwell counters the waste of energy in defending what isn’t working.

Stop defending what isn’t working:
#1. New eyes see and state the obvious.

  1. Gradual development is less effective when you’re stuck.
  2. Bluntness creates tipping points.
  3. A new voice turns the lights on by saying the same things in new ways.

#2. New voices intensify the gravity of the moment.
Business as usual goes out the door when a new person enters the conversation. A little discomfort is a good thing, especially when you’re stuck.

#3. New perspectives reveal what’s important to you.
We lose sight of our values after grinding away for a long time. Reconnect with what you really want by noticing how you judge new perspectives.

#4. New people bring new feedback. What’s working? What’s not serving you well?

#5. New participants often lead to aha-moments. You end up saying, “I never thought of that.”

“A new person at the table is one way to address the issue of defending what isn’t working.”

Read the whole post at Leadership Freak.

I wonder when a new voice will come along?

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