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Footy Tipping 2016 – NRL & AFL Season Roundup

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So, zero out of two. Who’d have thought?
Both Western Bulldogs and Cronulla have certainly rewarded their fans for decades of support and particularly crisis situations of recent years.
Sydney and Melbourne will continue to be there and thereabouts in the coming season.
Last year’s winners North Queensland and Hawthorn couldn’t sustain their success, with NQ suffering something of a let down after the high of their initial premiership and time catching up with Hawthorn more quickly than most expected (though after three years at the top understandably).
Surprisingly NRL tips seem a little higher than 2015, with AFL about the same.
I don’t know why the games counts are not the same.
I’m not going back to check.
Obviously I wouldn’t win any tipping competitions in either code.

NRL (last round 1/1; season tally 123/193)
AFL (last round 1/1; season tally 143/209)
NRL (last round 0/1; season tally 130/202)
AFL (last round 0/1; season tally 144/205)

See you next year.

(and in honour of our two ‘Cinderella Story’ competition winners, here’s the greatest Cinderella story victory of the all)

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