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Two Keys To Multi-generational Church Health (via Sam Rainer)

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These two keys to a unified multi-generational church by Sam Rainer are helpful.
From the post:

Key 1: The older generation must sacrifice for the younger generation. When the preferences of the older generation become more important than the souls of their children or grandchildren, the church dies. Church legacy passes from one generation to the next when the older generation allows the younger generation to lead and make necessary changes. Giving the legacy of the church to the next generation requires a huge sacrifice on the part of the older generation. It involves selflessness and humility, as well as a lot of patience.

Key 2: The younger generation must have a willingness to be taught by the older generation. It’s selfish and shortsighted for the younger generation to demand change without first learning from the older generation. You can’t expect the older generation to give church leadership to the younger generation without the younger generation also wanting to learn from their elders. The younger generation must be selfless and humble too. Multigenerational ministry is healthy only when the younger generation appreciates the historical sacrifices of the older generation.

Read Rainer’s post here.

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