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Come And Make Us Free – New EP From Zac Hicks And Coral Ridge Music

Zac Hicks on Coral Ridge Music’s newest release:

CAMUF-cover-e1424791507630Come and Make Us Free is our latest five-track EP exploring our cage-making obsession, entertaining every theme that sits between its diagnosis and deliverance. To get right to the point, the album is about the slavery of sin and the freedom of the gospel. It plays like a mini worship service:
Invocation: “Come Witness this Gospel to Me”
Confession of Sin: “Come and Make Us Free”
Confession of a Savior: “Christ Surrendered All”
Assurance of Salvation: “It is Finished”
Summary & Praise: “Gospel Doxology”

It’s available at bandcamp and other download services.
Have a listen.

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Seven Principles That Can Help You Successfully Lead Change (via Ron Edmondson)

From Ron Edmondson.
These hold true from my experience.
Edmondson has invited other suggestions at his website.

Here are 7 principles that can help you successfully lead change:

  1. Establish trust.You can best lead change from a pre-established trust in your leadership. New leaders should be careful not to implement a lot of major change early unless that change is vital to the organization. Major change will be easier if the leader has established some credibility.
  2. Introduce change early. This is where “early” comes into the process. People need time to warm up to the change that is coming. The less you surprise people the greater your chance for success can be. Change always comes with an emotion attached and giving ample notice allows people a chance to acclimate those emotions.
  3. Communicate often. Inform people along the way by keeping them updated with the progress during a period of change. Include the good news and the bad news in these updates. Hold nothing back. I’m not sure you can over-communicate. And, use different means of communication to make sure you catch everyone and every style of listener.
  4. Widen the distribution. Get buy-in from as many people as possible. Sometimes leaders have to lead alone. People can’t understand where you’re taking them that they need to go, but may not even know yet or want to go. But, those times of loneliness should be rare. Wherever possible, include others in decisions concerning change.
  5. Follow through on commitments made. The quickest way to lose trust is to say one thing and do another. Likewise, do not make commitments you cannot keep. Be true to your word.
  6. Be consistent. You will keep people’s trust through the change if it is easier to figure out where you are as a leader, what you are thinking, and why you are making the decisions you make. And, pay attention to the word “why” — it’s critically important. People need to learn you and seeing a consistency in you over time and testing and they more they understand why the more accepting they will be of change.
  7. Change continuance. Do not make change a rare occurrence. Build a culture of healthy change so that it will be more naturally accepted when it comes. That takes time. And experience. You need some wins so people learn to trust you when you are trying to lead change.

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AP – Autumn 2015 Issue Online

AP0215-lrgAP is the quarterly publication of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.
The Autumn 2015 Issue is available online, with print copies available upon request at their homepage.
The theme this issue is preaching.
Given that the present and previous moderator-generals of the PCA are about to conduct their final Revitalising Preaching Seminar in Melbourne, you might think they’d get a guernsey, but no mention is made of this.
AP seems oddly detached from the life of the PCA, the publication of our National Journal Committee that never mentions the life and work of our National Church, but it’s an interesting read in its own right.

Contents include:
an interview with Dr Murray Capill, principal of the Reformed Theological College, Geelong, Victoria, on preaching;
Peter Owen, church-planting pastor, on his methods of sermon preparation;
Robert Evans on Australian revivals;
News from around the world;
and much more.

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The Science Of Coffee

What happens to your brain when you drink coffee?
This video explains.
The video doesn’t explain why some people’s brains can’t think instant coffee is better than real coffee.
Maybe that’s just inexplicable.

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Celia Lashlie Interviewed About Raising Men by Richard Fidler

The late Celia Lashlie worked in prisons, schools and communities to encourage young men to reach their full potential.
A New Zealander, she authored books on the subject of helping boys grow to become men.
Last Friday was a repeat of an hour-long interview conducted by Richard Fidler as part of his ABC radio Conversations program.
I listened to bits and pieces of it as I drove around town.
I intend to listen to it again.
Fascinating and full of insight to provoke thinking.
There are lots there about parenting and even relationships between males and females.
Well worth a listen.
You could find it through various ABC podcast apps, or on this page.

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Build Your Kingdom Here – Sunday Songs

Rend Collective’s (formerly Rend Collective Experiment) Build Your Kingdom Here is one of their songs that is currently on our radar.

The lyrics:
Verse 1:
Come, set Your rule and reign,
In our hearts again,
Increase in us we pray,
Unveil why we’re made.
Come, set our hearts ablaze with hope,
Like wildfire in our very souls,
Holy Spirit come invade us now.

We are Your church,
We need Your pow’r in us.

Verse 2:
We seek Your kingdom first,
We hunger and we thirst,
Refuse to waste our lives,
For You’re our joy and prize.
To see the captive hearts released,
The hurt, the sick, the poor at peace;
We lay down our lives for heaven’s cause,

We are Your church,
We pray: ‘revive this earth.’

Build Your Kingdom here
Let the darkness fear;
Show Your mighty hand,
Heal our streets and land.
Set Your church on fire,
Win this nation back;
Change the atmosphere,
Build Your kingdom here
We pray.

Verse 3:
Unleash Your kingdom’s power
Reaching the near and far
No force of hell can stop
Your beauty changing hearts
You made us for much more than this
Awake the kingdom seed in us
Fill us with the strength and love of Christ

We are Your church
We are the hope

Copyright © 2011 Thankyou Music/Adm. by Songs excl. UK & Europe, adm. by Kingswaysongs, a division of David C Cook
Used by permission

This version is from Campfire a collation re-release of material from their first two albums that seemed aimed for release in the US.

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Westminster Shorter Catechism – Lord’s Day 8

Westminster Shorter Catechism – Lord’s Day 8

Q & A 12
Q What special act of providence did God exercise towards man in the estate wherein he was created?
A When God had created man, he entered into a covenant of life with him, upon condition of perfect obedience; forbidding him to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, upon the pain of death.*1

*1 Genesis 2:16-17; James 2:10.