So, I read the two-part X-Men story that has become known as Days Of Future Past in the final months of 1980.
(Comics always shipped a couple of months before the publication dates listed on their covers)
Thirty four years later a denominational thing kept me out of town (and then out of my mind) when it was on in town.
Five months later it’s been released on Blu-Ray.
So, even though I know the story will be different from the one I read decades ago, I’ve been waiting for this for 34 years.
Press ‘play’.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Waited 34 Years To Watch This Movie

  1. Deb L says:

    So….. was it worth the wait?

    1. Gary Ware says:

      It only shares plot beats with the comics, so it’s a very different experience.
      It is well acted and manages to undo the worst parts of the last of the first X-Men trilogy.
      Jackman plays a very understated Wolverine.
      And Quicksilver pretty much steals the show.
      So, it’s my favorite X-Men movie so far.

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