David Cook writes about the stoush that has all the features of one of those red-neck reality shows, except this time the combatants are filthy rich.
While it may seem that these two are simply ordinary men, David suggests that their behaviour is actually indicative of a society which is forgetting what it is to be truly human.

An excerpt:

Sunday’s brawl at Bondi, between wealthy old mates, James Packer and David Gyngell is further clear evidence of the state of human nature and no amount of money can cover it up.
Rajend Naidu summed it up best in the Australian’s letters column on Wednesday, ” The punch up between James Packer and David Gyngell is a reminder that no matter how high the human ape climbs, contained within its bodily frame is the indelible stamp of its lowly animal origin” .
Another Packer, JI, had his classic, Knowing God, published in 1973, and then in 1978, his less well known, Knowing Man, published as ‘For man’s sake’.
In Knowing Man, in making his point that humankind has turned its back on God, he says,that has left behind a world in which people simply do not understand themselves, “The human being in his lucid moments knows that he is half ape and half angel, a kind of cosmic amphibian, grand in his powers pathetic often in his performance…we swing between aspiring to be like angels and consenting to act like apes”.

Read the whole piece here.

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