Together For The Gospel Live 2 is a compilation from the singing sessions at the Together For The Gospel Conferences held during 2010 and 2012.
Bob Kauflin leads thousands of mostly male voices, providing piano accompaniment and restrained vocals. The listening experience of this album is a significant step up from the impressive predecessor to this album.
Old and new songs alike are treated to four-part arrangements, and one of the impressions I had while listening is that all sixteen tracks are not only worthy of being sung by local congregations, but that all of these songs could be sung by local bodies.
Kauflin and Mark Dever have worked together to provide a wonderful array of praise. Read Kauflin’s reflections on the recording and the process of song selection and presentation at his blog. The time and care taken permeate the finished album, and must have been a great encouragement to the conference attendees.
Kauflin lists websites and places where the album is available, and also mentions where the four-part scores for most of the songs can be obtained for free.
My favourite, of course, if bandcamp.
You can listen to this all day long.

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