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Worth Repeating: Aaron Sorkin’s Dialogue

I like the dialogue Aaron Sorkin puts in the mouths of characters in the movies and television shows he’s scripted.
Turns out that Sorkin likes various phrases of his own dialogue so much that they just keep turning up in different works.
As this playful tribute video demonstrates.
Must be time to start watching West Wing again.

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2011 Census Data For Religious Affiliation In Mount Gambier And Surrounding Districts

The short summary data for religious affiliation from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 census page for postcode 5290, which represents the city of Mount Gambier.
The higher proportion of Presbyterian identifying people reflects the historic settlement of the region from Western Victoria, rather than Adelaide.
The higher proportion of people indicating ‘no religion’ seems to be a South Australian distinctive, though the city figure is higher than the district figure, which is closer to that across the border in Victoria.
It does show there’s a lot of people we need to catch up with, one way or another.

Religious affiliation, top responses
5290, SA
South Australia
No Religion 7,830 31.4 448,524 28.1 4,796,787 22.3
Catholic 5,276 21.2 317,957 19.9 5,439,268 25.3
Anglican 2,581 10.4 200,441 12.6 3,679,907 17.1
Uniting Church 1,981 8 142,429 8.9 1,065,795 5
Presbyterian and Reformed 1,556 6.2 20,335 1.3 599,515 2.8

The most common responses for religion in 5290, SA (Postal Areas) were No Religion 31.4%, Catholic 21.2%, Anglican 10.4%, Uniting Church 8.0% and Presbyterian and Reformed 6.2%.

Here’s the data table for religious affiliation from the page for postcode 5291 which represents the districts surrounding the city.

Religious affiliation, top responses
5291, SA
South Australia
No Religion 2,466 28.8 448,524 28.1 4,796,787 22.3
Catholic 1,705 19.9 317,957 19.9 5,439,268 25.3
Anglican 1,017 11.9 200,441 12.6 3,679,907 17.1
Uniting Church 830 9.7 142,429 8.9 1,065,795 5
Presbyterian and Reformed 643 7.5 20,335 1.3 599,515 2.8

The most common responses for religion in 5291, SA (Postal Areas) were No Religion 28.8%, Catholic 19.9%, Anglican 11.9%, Uniting Church 9.7% and Presbyterian and Reformed 7.5%.

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Federal Government Response To High Court Chaplaincy Ruling

From the DEEWR (Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations) website.

High Court Challenge
Legislation will be introduced into Parliament this week which, when passed, will allow the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program (NSCSWP) to continue following last week’s High Court decision.

The legislation will amend the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act) to provide authority for a number of programs including the NSCSWP.

The Australian Government is committed to maintain funding for school chaplains and student welfare workers, because we know that thousands of schools across the country value the scheme and want to see it continue.

The Government has carefully considered last week’s High Court decision and has developed a solution which will provide the legislative basis the Court indicated was necessary, and which will allow payments to continue. This means that chaplains and student welfare workers currently working in schools will be able to continue their important roles and funding for their services will be continued.

Provided it is supported in the Parliament, legislation will receive Royal Assent later this week and the payments due to funding recipients can be made very shortly afterwards.

DEEWR has already put arrangements in place to allow payments to start within 24 hours of Royal Assent.

Schools and the employers of chaplains and student welfare workers will be provided with updates during the week.

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Ballot For Moderator Of The 2013 General Assembly Of Presbyterian Church Of Australia

The ballot for the position of Moderator of the 2013 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia is being conducted.
The nominees are:
Reverend Andrew Bray, a retired pastor from Victoria. Andrew served the Moorabool Parish as their pastor, and has also served a two-year term as Moderator of the Victorian State Assembly (in addition to other Assembly responsibilities; and
Reverend David Cook, a pastor from New South Wales. David initially served the Wee Waa Parish as their pastor then at Ashfield, and last year completed a twenty-five year term as principal of the Sydney Missionary & Bible College, and is presently linked to the Chinese Presbyterian Church.

(Post updated with more information about David Cook, supplied by David Burke, via Facebook)
Pray for both men, and pray for the panel of folk who serve as the GAA Moderator’s Nominating Committee as they cast their ballots.

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Love Without Walls – A Book Review

What does Love Without Walls (Laurie Beshore, Zondervan, 2012) promise?
In 150 pages Laurie Beshore writes about her personal experience in founding and leading the outreach ministry arm of Mariners Church in Orange County, California, USA.
Beshore aims to provide a book about “what not to do in ministry… figuring out how to love the hurting, needy people in our communities’.
The ministries dealt with in the book are those which relate to community service, that which is also known as social mission.
What I liked.
As mentioned above, the book outlines with great humility the ways in which mercy ministry can fail.
While notions about the difference between being a rescuer or a servant, or allowing system and process to become the goal instead of relationships may seem straight forward, the stories in Love Without Walls gently serve to remind how easy it can be for good intentions to go wrong.
It won’t come as a great surprise for readers outside the USA to read of the ground shaking notion that the rest of the world thinks that Americans consider themselves God’s answer to every problem in the world, but Beshore’s grace in the way in which that observation was assimilated into Mariners’ ministry philosophy is helpful to those of us from the West who are seeking to truly partner with churches in other cultures.
There is a consistent demonstration that the Gospel motivated desire to serve and minister among and with people is an effective means to gain an audience for the communication of the Gospel’s content.
What I’m not sure about.
The sheer size and scope of Mariners’ social mission work is bewildering.
For a small church the principles are sound, the examples seem daunting.
The differences in the provision of social services in a place like Australia need some reflection as to how these sorts of activities can best be translated.
I’d like to see some of the biblical underpinnings for the contention that the work of the church, empowered by the Gospel in this current age, is to effect the redemption and restoration of all creation. (pg 139) I accept social mission is an integral aspect of Christian life, I don’t know that it’s part of our great commission.

As an encouragement to remember that if social mission is seen as an end in itself it will soon stray from Gospel centered service and compassion, Love Without Walls is a short, effective, and engaging read. It is a helpful and practical resource for Christians thinking about how to engage either their own communities or cross-cultural situations for Gospel opportunities. For whatever it’s worth, my wife has also been reading it and said it was a good book.

The review copy of Love Without Walls was provided by Zondervan Publishers’ Engaging Church Blog as part of their Love Without Walls blog tour.
Provision of the book did not require the publication of a positive review.

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Last Weekend’s Football Results / AFL Round 13 – NRL Round 16

Black armband weekend for footy tipping.
AFL 2/6
Geelong: a gutsy comeback and narrow lost is still just a wrong tip.
Brisbane: can’t ever feel bad about a Lions win.
Melbourne: so GWS don’t have as much Sheedy steel yet as I thought they did. It was a silly tip, but the other upsets make it look worse.
North Melbourne: if Adelaide had North’s spirit and guts they’d have won at least a couple of flags since ’98.
NRL 3/7
At least Melbourne were beaten by a team that are contenders. Wests are pretenders, Gold Coast are the level below pretenders and Penrith look like they’re going to spare Parramatta from finishing last.

I’ll be back this weekend.

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Saw this on Rob Duncanson’s Facebook stream.
How to make good theology even more palatable.

And, for dessert, how about the (sadly US only) Burger King Bacon Sunday.