Kevin DeYoung’s review of Rob Bell’s forthcoming book ‘Love Wins’ has been posted at DeYoung’s blog.
The review can be read at the site or downloaded as a pdf.
It is very comprehensive, lengthy and attempts to respond to the position that Bell espouses in his book.
It should come as no surprise that what is believed about one area of theology has impacts on what is believed in other areas of theology. DeYoung engages with some of these observations as far as they relate to Bell’s emerging theology.
If you choose to go and read the review you’ll have a lot to think about, so I won’t delay you anymore with my words.

Here’s a brief taste where DeYoung observes that for a book ostensibly “about heaven, hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived,” Love Wins is not aimed at those who would be described as being outside the faith, but is squarely aimed at changing the minds of those within the faith:

…this is not an evangelistic work, not in the traditional sense anyway. The primary intended audience appears to be not so much secularists with objections to Christianity (á la Keller’s Reason for God), but disaffected evangelicals who can’t accept the doctrine they grew up with. Bell writes for the “growing number” who have become aware that the Christian story has been “hijacked” (vii). Love Wins is for those who have heard a version of the gospel that now makes their stomachs churn and their pulses rise, and makes them cry out, “I would never be a part of that” (viii). This is a book for people like Bell, people who grew up in an evangelical environment and don’t want to leave it completely, but want to change it, grow up out of it, and transcend it. The emerging church is not an evangelistic strategy. It is the last rung for evangelicals falling off the ladder into liberalism or unbelief.

Read: God Is Still Holy and What You Learned in Sunday School Is Still True: A Review of “Love Wins” at DeYoung, Restless And Reformed.

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