Those familiar with Rob Bell’s promotional video for his upcoming book Love Wins would be aware that he introduces the book with a series of statements and questions which seem to challenge the accepted answers that many Christians have about eternal life.
The opening hook flows from a consideration of the eternal destiny of Gandhi.
Many of Bell’s defenders have called foul about people rushing to judgement since Bell was only posing questions.
Mike Wittmer features a piece of writing by Jeremy Grinnell which demonstrates how Bell’s piece was not only asking questions, but was also conditioning a certain response.
In ‘Justice Wins’ Grinnell recasts Bell’s rhetoric in a form which poses a troubling conundrum which flows from consideration of the eternal destiny of another pivotal figure from the twentieth century.

Several years ago I was touring a holocaust museum, and I was deeply moved the images of suffering and inhuman brutality that I saw there. And near the end of the tour on the wall was a picture of Hitler standing in front of the Eifel Tower in Paris. I and many who were with me were struck by the idea of Hitler enjoying the beauties of Paris while at the same moment one of the greatest genocides the world has ever known was being carried out on his orders.

But apparently not everyone saw it exactly the same way

Sometime in the previous few hours, somebody had attached a hand written note to the picture, and on the note they had written, “It’s okay because God forgave Hitler too.”

God forgave Hitler?

He did?

And someone knows this for sure?

And felt the need for the rest of us to know?

Do the most evil and unrepentant people in history, remaining what they are, still make it to heaven? … Read More

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