Dale Ortlund asked “a handful [26] of thoughtful men of God” the question “What’s the Key to Healthy Christian Growth in Godliness?” and collated their responses into a post on his blog.
In his prefacing comments Ortlund qualifies:

Please understand: I explicitly asked our brothers to keep it to a single, short sentence. Of course, whole volumes could be (and have been!) written addressing this question (here’s my favorite). So we gladly receive these wise statements remembering that sanctification is not a math problem. There is no formula. Every answer below needs a hundred footnotes. Point taken.

Some examples:
Graham Cole:

The key is to treasure Jesus Christ, for that will be where your heart is.

Doug Moo:

The constant, disciplined practice of reminding ourselves who we are in Christ.

Carl Trueman:

The key to healthy growth in godliness is to be an active, serving member of a local church where the gospel is preached and the eldership care about nurturing the congregation as outward-looking, humble servants of Christ.

Bruce Ware:

Growing knowledge of and love for God, particularly as revealed in Christ and through the Scriptures, that re-structures one’s mind and enflames one’s heart, resulting in increasing transformation into Christ-like character.

Ortlund brings these summaries with the hope that:

The purpose of this exercise is not to provide an opportunity to nit-pick but to re-center, refresh, encourage, spur on, help one another.

Michael Bird decides to ignore that advice with his own post which, at longer length, spells out a pattern of Christian growth as disciplined application of the Scriptures in response to God’s grace, which I think the posters on Ortlund’s blog would generally support.

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