At C.J. Mahaney’s Sovereign Grace Ministries blog Jeff Purswell writes about his concerns regarding the modern day phenomenon of the preacher/leader and how this may lead to confusion regarding the pastor’s biblical role.
While not decrying the need for planning among the eldership of a local church, Purswell wants preachers to remember:
“When we think about “leading” our churches, we can spend hours with our teams strategizing and brainstorming initiatives and structures, identifying emphases, and planning special meetings—all important functions. But we can spend hours doing all this and leave the Sunday preaching diet entirely out of the equation—when it should be central to whatever direction you’re providing the church in a particular season.
No form of leadership a pastor provides is more decisive than his proclamation of Scripture. Preaching both defines the priorities for your church and fuels the implementation of those priorities in the church. We must never sever the connection in our minds between leadership—providing direction for the church—and your preaching plan. It’s that preaching plan, and its execution, that provide the most powerful and biblically rooted leadership.”
Read the rest here: Preacher or Leader?: Defusing a Common Pastoral Dilemma

The ‘Federal Vision’ hasn’t made too much of an impact here in the backblocks. I was commenting to someone recently that I don’t see how it can flourish in the situations where the Sydney evangelical ecclesiology holds sway. Unless being part of the gathered group itself assumes some sort of sacramental status, and that starts to sound vaguely pentecostal.
Anyway, for anyone who wants a background primer written by neither an advocate or opponent, Mark Thompson has four posts which can be found here. With any new movement there are certain challenges in summing things up, because expressions can be frustratingly broad and vague. Thompson tries to tease out the shared center of the movement.

I’m uniformly impressed with the posts at ‘What’s Best Next’.
This one on “Christians and Negotiation” outlines the difference between positional and principled negotiation and explains why the latter is more constructive and better suits a Christian context. (Though, sadly, positional ‘negotiation’ is still all too common, and very often used by elders and ministers.)

Matt Chandler is pastor of The Village Church.
He recently has surgery from brain cancer and has been undergoing chemo and radiation therapy. During this time he has video blogged his experiences.
Here is a pastor still teaching (and leading) his people.

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  1. Steve240 says:

    You might find the following blogs of interest about C.J. Mahaney and the group he leads, Sovereign Grace Ministries:

    They tell another side. Hope this helps.

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