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Sweet Symsonia by Scott Mulvahill

A change of pace with Scott Mulvahill putting down the bass and picking up the mouth organ for this rendition of his song Sweet Symsonia.

The album cut.

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See The Man – Sunday Songs

See The Man is from EMU Music’s 2008 album Advent.
Trevor Hodge’s lyrics and melody proclaim truth steadily in the verses and soaringly in the chorus.

The lyrics:
See the man formed by the Father’s hand
Dust turned to flesh, filled with his breath in the image of God
Loved and blessed, given the very best
Destined to rule, fill and subdue all of the earth
But death entered the day he ate from the tree
Condemned all of mankind to follow his lead
But one day a man will come and undo what we had done
One day a Saviour will return
See the man leaving his Father’s land
Sent by the Lord, journeys towards a promised place
By his faith would come a nation great
In numbers surpassed, all of the stars shining in space
His name would be renowned from the east to the west
And all people on earth through him would be blessed
And one day a man will come to finish what had begun
One day a Saviour would return
See the man come from his Father’s side
His word become flesh and all his fullness dwelling in him
God’s delight speaking the words of life
The kingdom’s revealed, the broken are healed, the blind given sight
And for all history’s sin the righteous is slain
By his blood death is destroyed, he’s risen again
And soon he will come again and then forever reign
One day our Saviour will return

Words and Music: Trevor Hodge.
© 2008 Trevor Hodge

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One Of Us from EMU Music

EMU Music are releasing some older material as Youtube clips.
One Of Us is from the album Advent.
I don’t think it lends itself to congregational song, at least in this arrangement.
It’s composed by Nicky Chiswell, the vocals were sung by someone else who I can’t place.
I don’t think it was Sarah?
I’ll look the at the CD when I’m in my other study.

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Set Our Hearts Ablaze by Liturgical Folk

Continuing the tracks from Lent, an album Liturgical Folk, based on the Collect (focused prayer) for the Fourth Sunday in Lent from the Book of Common Prayer.
“Gracious Father, whose blessed Son Jesus Christ came down from heaven to be the true bread which gives life to the world: Evermore give us this bread, that he may live in us, and we in him; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.”

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Love Come Down – Sunday Songs

Love Come Down is another song from North Point Worship.
I’m currently introducing Death Was Arrested from the same folk to MGPC.
There are some vocal gymnastics that I think can be left out of this at the end of the refrain, but the lyrical content is strong and I like the uptempo music.

The lyrics:
I will sing forever of your love come down.
With my hands to heaven shout your praises loud.
I was lost in darkness, when you pulled me out.
I will sing forever of your love come down.
Well, I once was blind, I could not I see.
Chains of sin had shackled me.
But God in Heaven heard my plea.
Then Jesus, Jesus rescued me.
Oh Jesus, Jesus rescued me.
Now grace so sweet, it floods my soul.
And hope eternal won’t let go.
My debt erased at Calvary.
‘Cause Jesus, Jesus rescued me.
Oh Jesus, Jesus rescued me.
Well there’s a home beyond the sky.
A song we’ll sing for all of time.
The grave is empty, I am free.
‘Cause Jesus, Jesus rescued me.
Oh Jesus, Jesus rescued me.
(Here we go, sing it out)

Words and Music: Ross King | Casey Darnell | Heath Balltzglier | Todd Fields
(C) 2014 Music At North Point; Seems Like Music; Simple Tense Songs; Ava Truth Music; Robinson Lane Music; Songs At North Point.