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Earthly Citizenship Matters Too

The Christian’s citizenship is in heaven, which is why our earthly citizenship matters too.
It represents the people and place that we acknowledge we’ve been established in order to live out God’s love, and share God’s love with others.
Welcome to Australian citizenship Gabi.
Being invited to witness this special moment in life (along with so many others from MGPC) is one of the many privileges of being a pastor.

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The Church Crow

It’s never lonely working at MGPC with Squawkie the crow incessantly displaying his disapproval of our windows.

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Sale Of Gifts 2019

The annual MGPC Sale Of Gifts (auction of Harvest Thanksgiving items) is taking place.

I’m looking at YoYo biscuits, Dark Choc Rocky Road and Florentines.

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Hidden In Plain View (preparing for MGPC 24/9/17)

Song: This Is Amazing Grace
Call to Worship
Song: Christ Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed
Prayer Of Confession
Song: All Things Bright And Beautiful
Affirming our Faith: The Apostles’ Creed
Song: Now To The King Of Heaven
Bible Reading: Amos 8:1-14 – Amos charges Israel with indifference to the plight of the poor, judicial corruption, and deceitful commercial practices. He warns of a coming famine for the word of the LORD.
Bible Memorisation: Mark 3:35
Song: O God Beyond All Praising
Bible Reading: Mark 4:21-34
Sermon: Hidden In Plain View
Song: Through The Love Of God Our Saviour
(Tithes & free will offerings will be taken up during this song. Guests are not obligated to give an offering.)
Pastoral Prayer:
Closing Blessing
Song: See Him Coming

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Youth Band At MGPC

There was a combined youth gathering at MGPC tonight.
The guys formed a band for the occasion.
I could just fit them all in, I think.

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New Ministry At MGPC

Mark Lewis, licensed to preach the Gospel by the Presbytery of South Australia, 20/1/2017.