Today our sermon series, The Fruit Of The Spirt begins. Over the course of this series we’ll consider the growth of God’s character in the lives of each of God’s people.
Our sermon ‘Keep In Step With The Spirit’ introduces the fruit as we’ll see how the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives sees the transformation of not just our status, but our characters.

For those unable to join us at MGPC, the service will be live-streamed.
The video is available at our website and youtube channel.

Song: Good And Gracious King
Call to Worship
Song: Glorious Day
Prayer Of Confession
Song: When This Passing World Is Done
Affirming our Faith
Song: Now To The King Of Heaven
Bible Reading: Ephesians 4:17-32 – The new life of the believer: the new mind, new self, new behavior.
Bible Memorisation: Deuteronomy 6:5
Song: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
Bible Reading: Galatians 5:13-26
Sermon: Keep In Step With The Spirit
Pastoral Prayer:
Closing Blessing
Song: Jesus Strong And Kind

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