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More Than Conquerors by Trevor Hodge – Sunday Songs

More Than Conquerors, from Trevor Hodge’s EP Once For All.

The lyrics:
Verse 1.
Almighty God, did not withhold his Son
For sinners he gave him up
Sacrificed once for all
So will not He graciously give all things
Mercies and sufferings for those he loves
If our God is for us
Who then can stand against
If our God is for us
Who then can stand against
For in all these things
We are more than conquerors
Through the love of Christ
Raised from death to life
Yes, of this I’m sure
None can separate us now
From the love of God
That is ours in Jesus Christ our Lord
Verse 2
Who can bring charges against God’s child?
Who can condemn us now
Those he has justified
Christ who died, in victory raised to life
Intercedes for us now at God’s right side
Neither ocean’s depths
Nor mountain’s heights
Can separate us now
Neither demon’s lies nor angels lights
Can separate us now
Neither pasts regrets nor futures yet
Can separate us now
Neither life’s array nor death’s decay
Can separate us now

Words and music © Trevor Hodge 2017