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35 Years

The ninth of July 2018 is the 35th anniversary of Margaret and my marriage. A 35th wedding anniversary, is a number that at once seems significant in size because of the number of the years, but also because it just doesn’t seem possible that the number of years could be so high. Thirty-five years married to the best person I know. The fellow below thought he was the luckiest man in the world. All I can tell him is he didn’t know a tenth of just right he was. I usually post a song to mark the occasion, but Margaret doesn’t like the one I like this year.

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Margaret And The Port Germein Jetty

We actually went off the highway, stopped, got out of the car (gasp) and looked at the Port Germein Jetty on the way to Whyalla today.

It was a bit too windy to consider walking all the way out.

Seeing the tide out provided instant understanding of why it’s so long.