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Jumpa is a Kanga.
(Kangas are/were Wonder Woman canon)
Hoppy is a bunny. (More on that later)

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Most Kangaroos Are Left-Handed

As a left-handed person, I feel compelled to mention this.
A recent paper with the engaging title ‘Parallel Emergence of True Handedness in the Evolution of Marsupials and Placentals’ observes that ‘Bipedal macropod marsupials display population-level left-forelimb preference’.
In English this means kangaroos basically use their left paws in preference to their right ones for basic tasks.
Go here for a bit more background and a link to the paper in question.

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Cranky Koalas And Boxing Kangaroos

Two clips from my feed reader featuring iconic Australian fauna being jerks to each other.
I haven’t watched all the kangaroo one. It’s too long.
International viewers should know that this doesn’t happen in every Australian street every day.