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All The Time Ya Spend Trying To Get Back What’s Been Took From Ya, More Is Going Out The Door ( No Country For Old Men)

No Country For All Men is a disquieting film from the Coen Brothers that, by all accounts, is faithful to its roots in Cormac McCarthy’s novel.
Tommy Lee Jones plays Ed Tom Bell, a lawman who comes to comes to a point in life where enough is enough, but he is sticking at the point of transition.
He visits Ellis, his uncle, also a lawman, but one who was crippled in the line of duty.

Ed Tom Bell : That man that shot you died in prison.
Ellis : Angola. Yeah…
Ed Tom Bell : What you’d done he had been released?
Ellis : Oh, I dunno. Nothing. Wouldn’t be no point in it.
Ed Tom Bell : I’m kindly surprised to hear you say that.
Ellis : Well all the time ya spend trying to get back what’s been took from ya, more is going out the door. After a while you just have to try to get a tourniquet on it.


Ellis : You can’t stop what’s comin’, it ain’t all waitin’ on you… That’s vanity.

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The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs – New From Joel And Ethan Coen

Any new release from the Coen Brothers will be interesting.
Their stories are self-consciously stories, and as such illustrate aspects of the human condition.
“I’m the distractor with a little story.
People can’t get enough of them.
Because, well, they connect the stories to themselves I suppose.
And we all love hearing about ourselves
So long as the people in the stories are us … but not us.”

The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs was supposedly a six-part series that has become one movie of six vignettes.
Though with the Coen Brothers that may or may not be totally the way it was.
It’s going to premiere on Netflix, a pointer to releases outside of cinemas.

Here are two trailers.

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Trailer For Coen Brother’s 2016 Movie ‘Hail Caesar’

An all-star cast in a Coen Brother’s comedy means this is on my viewing list next year.