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Light A Candle by Andy Gullahorn

Light A Candle.
From Andy Gullahorn’s album Everything As It Should Be.

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In The Night by Peterson, Greene, Taylor, and Gullahorn

Andrew Peterson, Buddy Greene, Jeff Taylor, Andy Gullahorn are four musical friends have an impromptu and unrehearsed jam of Andrew Peterson’s song In The Night.

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Different Now by Andy Gullahorn

Different Now.
From Andy Gullahorn’s album Everything As It Should Be.

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The Brave One by Andy Gullahorn

The Brave One.
From Andy Gullahorn’s album Everything As It Should Be.

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I Will Find A Way – Christmas Day 2018

I find I Will Find A Way expresses something unique about the tenderness, compassion and empathy of the incarnation.
The only way for humanity to be delivered from condemnation was for God to enter humanity and bring us out of that condemnation himself.
This rendition is by co-writer Jason Gray, (forgotten line and all) accompanied by co-writer Andy Gullahorn and Andy’s wife, Jill Phillips.

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Faithful Friendship And A Life Marked By Jesus And Redemption – A Songwriter’s Spirit, A Pastor’s Heart

This is from a review of Everything As It Should Be, a new album by singer/songwriter Andy Gullahorn.
Fellow song-writer Andrew Osenga muses about Gullahorn’s capacity to keep producing album after album of personal and poignant vignettes that resonate with real life.
To keep doing so requires life lived well with others.
It resonates closely with what a pastor does.
From Osenga about Gullahorn’s songs:

Well, you have to live them. That’s how. You have to actually love people. And be the kind of person they turn to when life falls apart. You have to know how to listen more than you speak, and then not try to fix them when you do.
You have to know people for years. You have to forgive them when they let you down. You have to let them forgive you, too (which is, of course, the hardest thing. Until you’ve done it).
You have to walk closely for a long, long time with your spouse, your kids, your friends. With people in your congregation and your neighborhood and your bowling alley and some other church’s basement with old carpet and hard plastic chairs.
You have to ask hard questions without judgment. And ask them again when you’ve been shut down the first dozen times. You have to hold your friends when they’re crying and not look away when it’s uncomfortable.
But beneath all of that wonderfulness there is faithful friendship and a life marked by Jesus and redemption.

Read the review of Everything As It Should Be at the Rabbit Room, where you’ll find more information about the album.

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Teenagers by Andy Gullahorn

Andy Gullahorn has just had a successful kickstarter campaign for his next album Everything As It Should Be.
Which is great news because it means that he’ll be able to release a new batch of wonderful, insightful songs.
Like this one.
If you’ve got them, or you’ve had them it’ll ring pretty true.
(Maybe don’t be drinking your cup of tea while listening)