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Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 38

Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 38

Q. What does God require in the fourth commandment?
A. First, that the ministry of the gospel and Christian education be maintained, and that I diligently attend church, especially on the Lord’s day, to hear the Word of God, to participate in the holy Sacraments, to call publicly upon the Lord, and to give Christian service to those in need. Second, that I cease from my evil works all the days of my life, allow the Lord to work in me through his Spirit, and thus begin in this life the eternal Sabbath.

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The Disappointment We Must Control (via Ralph Davis)

There is a form of remembering the goodness and grace of God that can kill faith in the present.
Ralph Davis, from a study on Ezra:

The Disappointment We Must Control – Ezra 3:12-13
What a mixed response! From Ezra 3:12b it looks like the memory of the first temple clouded the day for some (see 1 Kings 5-7on Solomon’s temple). The older folks could still recall that magnificence. And they could tell from the foundation of this projected temple that it would have none of the “pizzazz” of Solomon’s. There is no problem here with the candor of their weeping, but there is a danger in it – it could color the whole occasion. But you can understand them, can you not?
In 1953 my father purchased a new car, a 1953 Chevrolet. As usual, he selected the most basic, stripped-down, economical model. He bought the “150” model, which had black rubber instead of chrome trim on the back fender. There was no radio. It had only regular hubcaps, no wheel covers, and a standard transmission, no “Power Glide.” It was nothing like the fine looking “Bel Air” model. This second temple was a “150” model, and a major disappointment to those who had seen Solomon’s Bel Air style.
Sometimes nostalgia like this can kill a church. We can also have problems if a church does not meet our expectations in its ministry or fellowship. In our culture of hyped-expectations, we tend to think that what is low-key, ordinary, plain, simple and quiet must be rather worthless – and this attitude can infect God’s people. Sometimes we can be so caught up in desiring revival (not a series of meetings, but when God’s Spirit is poured out in a striking way) that we may forget that it’s possible to be faithful even when God doesn’t send revival. We can still engage in family worship, sincere public worship, loving intercessory prayer, consistent Christian living in school or workplace. Don’t despise the “day of small things” (Zech 4:10). What matters is not whether the church is grand, but whether she is genuine. The question is not “Is it jazzy here?” but “Is Jesus here?”
Can the people of God live through their gray days? Yes, by running with their fears to worship their Savior; by expecting that though God has dashed their hopes they will yet see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living; and by being content when God prefers to work in plain, ordinary, non-sensational ways.


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Sing by Ellie Holcomb

Sing is from an EP by Ellie Holcomb called Sing: Creation Songs.
It features text from an upcoming book Who Sang The First Song?
It is not related to an animated movie some of you may have had to sit through too many times.

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Footy Tipping 2018 – NRL / AFL Preliminary Finals

As far as the AFL are concerned their grand final is on tonight, (sorry Melbourne).
As far as the NRL are concerned their grand final might be on tomorrow night, as least as far as having two teams who represent the spiritual heart of the code playing are concerned.
The only difference is that with the AFL people will actually turn up in droves to watch the game, while with the NRL they’ll carry on about history, but no one will turn up to actually watch the actual event.

Anyway, here’s the tips.
NRL (last round 2/2; season tally 102/178)
South Sydney

AFL (last round 1/2; season tally 143/203)
West Coast

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Trust In You by Lauren Daigle

Trust In You by Lauren Daigle, from her debut album How Can It Be?

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King Of The Road – All Star Tribute

Well, we sort of feel like King Of The Road could be our soundtrack now that we’re back home.
This all-star version is from an upcoming Roger Miller tribute album.
I’m not sure if it’ll stay on youtube for long, so enjoy while it lasts, and play spot the star.

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Holiday driving is done.
Not quite 1000kms today.
Not quite 8000kms since August 10.
There’s no place like home.