The Barefoot Contessa begins and ends at a cemetery. That should be a hint.

Characters that evoke pity rather than sympathy. A most unromantic view of the lifestyles of the beautiful, the famous, the rich, and the privileged.

Part of my Humphrey Bogart collection.

It is counter-productive for disciples of Jesus to buy into our society’s capacity to alleviate physical or psychological suffering to the extent that we also accept its preoccupation with the concept that all suffering is meaningless and can be avoided by careful management.
To buy into that belief is to move from a gospel of redemption to one focused on therapeutic outcomes.

From Will Willimon:

There is a prejudice abroad that all suffering is without meaning and that the prospect of death is inherently bleak and unimaginable.
Christians therefore must find a way to live well without denying suffering and death as aspects of life. Only God is eternal. At every stage of life we are dependent, not on our efforts but on the grace of God. The suffering of Jesus helps to redeem our suffering by knowing “Christ and the power of his resurrection and the sharing of his suffering by becoming like him in his death” (Philippians 3:10 NRSV). Jesus has not only been through suffering and anguish worse that ours, he is known by his active compassion for sufferers. Where there is suffering, there is Christ.
One caveat: while a theology of redemptive suffering may help with our own anguish, aches, and pains, we should be loath to apply it to the suffering of others. It’s not for me (even if Paul did it) to tell some sufferer, “Rejoice, your suffering is a gift from God to draw you closer to God.” Still, one can humbly offer a suffering friend the hopeful assurance that, even in suffering, God is there.

William H Willimon, Aging – Growing Old In Church, Baker Academic, 2020, pgs 90-91.

Because He Loved Me by Dale Ann Bradley is another bluegrass master class, as well as a heartfelt testimony.
I’m versatile: Not only could I pastor a country and western church (or a country music church or a western music church), I could also pastor a bluegrass church.
As some you may guess, the song’s lyrics borrow from themes in Isaiah.

Because He loved me my savior died on the cross was crucified
No greater love for mortal man has ever been known
Oh praise His dear name He loves me so
Now I am His, He’s mine I know
He suffered it all because He loved me

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