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Saved My Soul – Sunday Songs

Saved My Soul by CityAlight.
Strong lyrics and melody, tempo increases nicely in the chorus.

The lyrics:
You my God have saved my soul
I am Yours forevermore
I won’t be moved of this I’m sure
You are my God and You saved my soul
I was lost when you came for me
Held in chains by the enemy
But You broke them in victory
Now I’m free, I am free
You’re my joy and You are my hope
I am saved by Your grace alone
I will sing of Your love for me
I am free, I am free
Now I stand with the Kings of kings
He has paid for my every sin
And from now through eternity
I am free, I am free
What once was dead is now alive
You gave to me the breath of life
You brought me up out from the grave
I’m bursting out with songs of praise

© 2016 CityAlight Music
Words & Music: James Ferguson, Dustin Smith, Rich Thompson

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River In The Rain by Alison Krauss

This audio only clip features River In The Rain, another track from Alison Krauss’ very soon to be released album Windy City.

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O Come In Humble Prayer – Sunday Songs

O Come In Humble Prayer is written by Colin Buchanan and is featured on EMU Music’s The Things Above album.

This lyric video says it runs for over 8:00 minutes, but the song really only goes for 4:30 or so.
I think it could be sung a little faster than this.

The lyrics:
O come in humble prayer to God Almighty
Our perfect, glorious Sovereign Trinity
With rev’rence and with joyful adoration
Christ alone as our sufficiency
O come let us confess ourselves unworthy
Turning with repentance and with shame
Own again corruption and omission
Know again forgiveness in his Name
O come in humble prayer
Come in humble prayer
O come in humble prayer before our God
O come to God with awe-inspired thanksgiving
Marvel at his mercies without end
Proclaiming Christ the saving King of Kindness
Generous and loving without end
O cast your every care on God our Father
Pleading for a world awash with sin
Joy and mercy’s triumph through the gospel
Hearts forsaking all to follow him

Words & Music: Colin Buchanan
© 2012 Colin Buchanan (Universal Music Publishing)

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Path Of Sorrow by All Sons & Daughters

A live rendition of Path Of Sorrow, adapted from a lyric by William Cowper and included on their album Poets & Saints.

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I Want To Know You – Sunday Songs

I Want To Know You from CityAlight’s album Only A Holy God.

The lyrics.
I’ve tried in vain a thousand ways
My fears to quell, my hopes to raise
But what I need, Your word has said
Is ever, only, Jesus
You died, you live, you reign, you plead
There’s love in all your words and deeds
This weary heart finds all it needs
In ever, only, Jesus
I want to know you, Jesus my Lord
King of the Heavens, King of my soul
I trade my treasure and all my rewards
Jesus to know you, then know you more
Though some should curse me for your name
I have no fear, I have no shame
You stand with me for all my days
My ever, only, Jesus
Like wave after wave on the ocean
Like all of the sand on the shore
Your beauty and glory are endless
O Jesus I must know you more
Repeat bridge.
Repeat chorus.

Words & Music: Michael Farren, Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson, James Proctor
CCLI 7073331

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Find You Here by Ellie Holcomb

Find You Here is the first release track from Ellie Holcomb’s soon to be released album Red Sea Road.