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Early Morning Sydney

Every morning on my walk around Sydney this week the same sights keep catching my eyes. It’s not all bin chickens and free-range bikes.

I can’t imagine I’d ever find it boring.

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Yes They Have A Shrubbery

A whimsical addition just outside the entrance to the building where our meetings are taking place this week is this shrubbery.
The only thing that it might need would be a second shrubbery, placed beside the first shrubbery, only slightly higher so you get the two-level effect with a little path running down the middle.

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Orange Bikes In Sydney

This year the free-range bikes in Sydney have turned orange. (One seemed to be yellow, maybe it faded)

The ones from previous years are gone.

There were a few green ones with some sort of solar battery around. I don’t know if they are the next step in the evolution or not.

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Bin Chickens Of Sydney

Early morning sightings of bin chickens during my morning walk in Sydney this morning.

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Iconic Locations

According to our devices we walked about 17kms today.

It’s somewhat surreal with Margaret’s increased stamina levels these days.

It was fun looking at more touristy sort of locations.

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Sydney Nature Trail

Out walking in Sydney.

Wandering through areas I haven’t really walked through before (ie devoid of major retail).

Showed Margaret the fish markets.

Walked through some harbour-side areas.

Saw a stray apostrophe in the wild.

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Camping, Sydney Style

The night lights from our Sydney campsite.

In between two days of pretty heavy business meetings, there’s an unexpected day of urban exploration tomorrow.