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Priests Behaving Badly (preparing for MGPC 23/11/2015)

Songs of preparation and praise: Tell Me The Old, Old Story; Glory Of Glories; and O Lord, Your Perfect Righteousness.
Prayer of adoration and confession: expressing thankfulness for God’s calling us into fellowship with Himself as His covenant people and anticipating the fulfilment of that kingdom with the return and rule of King Jesus.
Confessing our faith: In Christ Alone; the Apostles’ Creed; and Unto God Be Praise And Honour.
In God’s Word:
Consecutive reading: Revelation 4:1-11 contains a vision of the heavenly throne room.
Bible memorisation: 2 Timothy 3:16
Praise: Blessed Be Your Name.
Sermon reading: Malachi 1:6-2:16
Having reiterated the reality of His covenant love for His people, God goes on to observe the failings and hypocrisy of the priesthood in failing to represent the nature of His love to the people.
A kingdom of priests need to represent the covenant love of God faithfully with lives that match the substance of the good news.
After the pastoral prayer and the giving of our tithes and offerings, worship will conclude with the singing of Revive Your Church, O Lord.

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How God Loves His Own (preparing for MGPC 16/11/2014)

Responding to the lives of His people asking the question “What have you done for us lately?” God speaks of the workings of his faithful covenant love.

Songs of preparation and gathering: There Is A Redeemer, Loved With Everlasting Love, and Be Still, For The Presence Of The Lord.
The prayer of approach and confession will recall the blessing of God’s word and their revelation of his final word, our Lord Jesus. We’ll confess those times we don’t heed that word, or doubt its truthfulness.
Song of assurance, affirmation and doxology: The Lord Is King, the Apostles’ Creed, and Now To Him Who Loved Us.
Continuous reading: Revelation 3:1-22
Memory verse: 2 Timothy 3:16
Praise: Sing To God New Songs Of Worship.
Sermon reading: Malachi 1:6 – 2:16
It is possible for the people of God to embrace a form of spiritual life, but to lose the substance. A disappointment, and lingering sense of ‘is that all there is?’ can seep in. God challenges his people to trust his faithfulness and shake of the lethargic attitude that cultivates a loss of faith.
Pastoral prayer, tithes and offerings, and the close of worship singing What Grace Is Mine.