Those who most desired the judgment of God to fall on others seemed to have no idea about the measure of God’s mercy, or how they themselves needed to be prepared lest that judgment fall on them.

Songs of preparation: Child In The Manger, He Will Hold Me Fast, and Give To Our God Immortal Praise.
Prayer of confession and adoration: remembering God’s faithfulness and the special favour he extends towards his beloved; and that we might cast away works of darkness and continue to lay hold of his favoured one, in whom all light resides.
Song of assurance, confession and doxology: Purify My Heart, the Apostles’ Creed, and Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow (with Hallelujahs).
From God’s Word:
Consecutive reading: Revelation 5:1-14, where the seven seals are broken, revealing God’s purposes.
Memory verse: 2 Timothy 3:16&17 (our final week)
Praise: Join All The Glorious Names.
Sermon: Malachi 2:17-3:5. God charges the people with living as if he would not judge, taking mercy as laxity. Informing them of the severity of judgment, God promises that he himself will come and enact that judgment, bidding his people to live in anticipation of his coming and to seek the mercy extended until he comes. Today Christians believe that Jesus has come once to demonstrate the severity of judgment and the extent of God’s mercy and we live in an extended time of grace in which all those who will be saved are being gathered in.
After our pastoral prayer, we’ll hear a brief budget summary, give our tithes and offerings, then conclude worship singing All My Days.

There will be a shared lunch tomorrow, and there will be a paleo pumpkin pie on offer, for starters. All welcome.

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