This Palm Sunday morning Alan Clarkson preaches from Mark 11, helping us in our preparation for Easter, through our sermon ‘The Triumphal Entry’.

For those unable to join us at MGPC, the service will be live-streamed.
The video is available at our website and youtube channel.

Song: Behold The Lamb
Call to Worship
Song: Jerusalem
Prayer Of Confession
Song: Hosanna, Loud Hosanna
Affirming our Faith
Song: Worship, Honour, Glory, Blessing
Bible Reading: Romans 12:1-21 – The “therefore” of verse 1 marks a major transition in his epistle as the Apostle Paul moves from the doctrines of chapters 1–11 to Christian practice in chapters 12–16. Chapter 12 focuses on the church as a “body” and the mutual obligations of members.
Bible Memorisation: Matthew 7:24-25
Song: Ride On, Ride On In Majesty
Bible Reading: Mark 11:1-11
Sermon: The Triumphal Entry
The Lord’s Supper
Pastoral Prayer:
Closing Blessing
Song: Never Alone

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