Always Good from EMU Music, a song affirming that trust in God grows through circumstances where his unfailing love is all we have to depend on.

On a date that runs neck and neck as our least favourite day of the yearly calendar, affirming that God is equally good every day, and that the least favourite days are the days we are most aware of his goodness is more than comfort: it is faith.

The lyrics:
O Lord, do you hear us? Our crying echoes through the empty night
O Lord, are you hidden? Darkness covers beauty and the light
O Lord, do you see us when sorrow overwhelms our weary hearts?
O Lord, will you rescue and pull our broken spirits from the dust?
I will trust in your unfailing love
And my heart will rejoice in you
I will sing of your saving grace
You are always good to me, you are always good to me
O Lord, are you weeping when terror reigns and wickedness prevails?
O Lord, show your mercy; your righteousness and justice never fail
When darkness falls, I will always trust in my redeemer
Through triumphs, through valleys, I will trust in you
When courage fails, I will always lean on my defender
In gladness, in sorrow, I will trust in you

Words and Music: © 2020 Alanna Glover & Claire Williams |

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