It was good to be with Mount Gambier Presbyterian and sing praise to God with them today.
Who knew that EMU Music would spend a year or so assembling an album of songs that would arrive just when I needed them.
God Of Mercy is another example from Joy In Sorrow.
In times of grief, simplicity and brevity are key.

The lyrics
God of mercy, through the ages
Ever patient, ever kind
He forgave me, a lost and loveless soul
He embraced me as a child
Lift your weary voice to sing his praises
Set your trembling feet on solid ground
Come and put your trust in his faithfulness
The God of mercy, the God of love
Come you broken, come you burdened
To the fountain deep and wide
Taste his goodness, let his peace flood in
He is calling for his child

Words and Music: Pete Munday
© 2020 Pete Munday

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